Forget Me Not.

The thoughts I have are random and sometimes incomplete. But here they are in their entirety. The dopeness of my imagination.

-- Rebel X ☮

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Mona Vanderwaal
Oh Mona, I’ll miss you. You were bat shxt crazy borderline psychopath for a little while there but you died trying for redemption. You realized you were wrong and you admitted it, sucks that you died like that.

Reformed Villainess and Genius

It sucks that Alison turned her back into crazy Mona before she died.

Really Ryan Murphy, you think it may be too scary? … Well we will see about that.




This looks horribly painful by the way. But graphically beautiful in a twisted kind of way.

GOD! I miss you so much Allison Argent.

Geez that face is gorgeous.

Sometimes I forget that she started as a mermaid.

The Progression of Phoebe Tonkin

Mermaid. Witch. Werewolf. SuperBadAss Momma Hybrid. AWESOME.

Seen a lot of transformations… But Kate Argent back from the dead as some kind of freaky blue wolf thing. TAKES THE FXCKING CAKE! 😵

I’m scared for the next season.

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