Sometimes it's Reckless...
What I'm supposed to tell you... I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. Only because that's how you want to see it. I tell you I'm evil and you just don't believe me.

-- Rebel X ☮
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This Is The End

He’s seriously trying an exorcism with tongs and a spatula. Lmfao, Every time I watch this movie… I can see why we’d all be screwed.

And this is why I find that I’ve been burying myself in stories, books, graphic novels, comics and fairy tales.

Imagination runs rampant.

I’ve finally lost my mind. Honestly I think that means I found it.

She’s a bxtch for saying it… BUT she technically isn’t wrong.

(Source: remademyblog, via brittanaisfinallyback)

I don’t think a guy should tell you if he uses your pictures to jerk off.

It’s just incredibly awkward.

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