Sometimes it's Reckless...

It's no longer your world. You've officially entered mine. I hope you enjoy my rampant thoughts.

-- Rebel X ☮

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This looks horribly painful by the way. But graphically beautiful in a twisted kind of way.

GOD! I miss you so much Allison Argent.

Geez that face is gorgeous.

Sometimes I forget that she started as a mermaid.

The Progression of Phoebe Tonkin

Mermaid. Witch. Werewolf. SuperBadAss Momma Hybrid. AWESOME.

Seen a lot of transformations… But Kate Argent back from the dead as some kind of freaky blue wolf thing. TAKES THE FXCKING CAKE! 😵

I’m scared for the next season.

(Source: ldyiamartin, via rad-ruth)

This Is The End

He’s seriously trying an exorcism with tongs and a spatula. Lmfao, Every time I watch this movie… I can see why we’d all be screwed.

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